5 Android Apps to Earn Free Talktime Recharge

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In my country, India, there’s a saying — Anything free is awesome. And no matter what the country is, everyone love free stuffs, right? In our daily life, we’ve to make a hell lot of phone calls to our friends, colleagues, relatives and sometimes our boss (I don’t have one, lol). And frankly saying, my mom doesn’t give me an extra penny to recharge my cell phone. So I thought of figuring something out to do it myself. And look mamma I’m a grown man now :}

Anyway leave it. Today I’ve brought some awesome goodies for you guys. Let me present 5 android apps that’ll make you go happy. They’ll recharge your cell, while you’re doing salsa with your girl. So hold on tight, plug in your earphone, play the Pharell William’s Happy and start dancing.

Am I talking like a freak? Ugh! We should begin now.

Stuffs you’re gonna need:

  1. An Android Phone with a working net connection (of at least gingerbread or upper)
  2. A few times to waste (optional).
  3. And most importantly, some fingers to work with.

If you don’t have an android handset, Chillax! I’ve got a solution for ya. You can use these apps in your PC as well. Just read this article which tells you how to use any android app on PC.
And I guess all of you guys got the last two options satisfied. So shall we begin with the best five android apps to earn free talktime?

1. mCent: 

I kept it at the first, because it deserves to be at the top. Amongst all the money apps I used, it was the awesomest one. Most of the talktime I got outta my phone was from mCent.

How to: Not really a big deal. All you have to do is download the app. After installing the app you gotta sign up for it. For registration you’ll get bonus 10 rupees. Next, you’ve to perform some tasks such as installing sponsored apps. You’ll get different amounts of credit for installing those apps. The amount remains between Rs. 5 to 12. Besides, downloading they’ll give your Rs. 20 for each successful referral (i.e. inviting your friends to try out the app). You may easily recharge your cell as soon as you have at least 10 rupees in your bucket.  So what are you waiting for, go install it now.

2. Ladoo:

Ladoo is the second app coming in this list. Ladoo doesn’t give as much credit as mCent does. But when you’ll complete all offers in mCent, it’ll take some time to load new offers. So till then you may try out this Ladoo app.

How to: The process is quite same. You’ve gotta install some apps from playstore and try’em out. For each install you may get up to Rs. 8. But the credit differs per app, you may also get more than 10 rupees if you’re lucky. And for each effective invitation you’ll get 5 rupees. The minimum payout amount is same as the mCent i.e. Rs. 10. Install it.

3. FreePlus:

This is the third app in this list. Actually FreePlus is pretty new to the market, and it’s unknown to many people. As it’s not that popular in the market, you ain’t gonna make a lot out of it.

How to: The same methodology applies here as well. Install some app or refer it to some friends and grab the talk time. I’ve never got more than 5 rupees to install an app. And for each referral the amount remains same as Ladoo i.e. Rs. 5. You may recharge your cell, as soon as your collect 10 rupees. You can install it from here.


POKKT is another app in this category. Like the other free recharging apps, it also works in the same procedure.

How to: Just perform various tasks. Get your money. As simple as that. For each invitation the amount stays same. Go install it.

5. The Amulyam App:

And last but not the least. Amulyam. It is one of the oldest free talktime providing platform in this field. This is the first company which brought this free mobile recharge era to work. At first they used to run themselves through the website. But after the android storm landed over India, they had to bring something awesome in the apps arena.  So they did.

How to: Unlike the other apps, besides installing apps, you will get credit for viewing ads as well. Cool, isn’t it? You’ll also get 5 rupees for each referral. Download and install the app.

Wrapping it up:

Before going to a date or simply an evening walk with your gf, just put your phone in the download mode and relax while your phone earns your some bucks. After all it’s a Smartphone; make it work in a smarter way, in an effective way. Okay that’s all for today, my girl’s waiting for me, so I should get going, because I don’t wanna endanger my life this soon. So cya in the next article.

Cover Photo Credit: Dell's official flickr page

How to Resize Multiple Photos at One Time With or Without Photoshop?

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How to resize multiple photos at one time with or without photoshop?
Went to Paris? Snapped a hell lot of photos with the new DSLR? It’s time to show it off to buddies. You just opened facebook and guess what, a bloody slow net connection arrives. With such a slow internet connection it’s practically impossible to upload those HD pics. Brilliant situation, right? So, what to do? You can’t actually go and slap the ISP head. For now we’ve got only one way out. Resize!! That’s an ant’s work, I know.  But there comes another problem. You’ll have to waste an enormous amount of time to have them tinyfied! If your boss is on vacation and you’re planning a whole night out resizing those images, it’s all cool then. You may go on. And if there’s a party out tonight or a date with your girl, just go on, read this article. So shall we?

How to Resize Many Photos Using Adobe Photoshop?

This is one of the most interesting features of Photoshop. Yet I wonder why many people are unaware of this stuff. Anyway if you didn’t notice it yet, don’t worry. This is really a piece of chocolate cake (with added vanilla). All you have to do is gather all the photos in a folder. Now open Adobe Photoshop.  Then go to Files > Scripts > Image Processor


After that, a window will pop out (see the screenshot below). There you’ll be prompted to select the target folder. Select the folder where you kept all the images. In the tab below you can choose the folder where you wanna save them after being resized. Under that check the box which says Resize to fit and then enter any desired width or height. And finally click Run. That’s all. All of your photos are resized into your desired dimension now. 


How to Resize Images using Windows Photo Viewer:

Suppose you don’t have the Adobe Photoshop software. Then? Will you just gawk around? Nope, never. We have another easy procedure to make images smaller in size and dimension. In this case we don’t need any type of third party software. In windows there’s a default photo viewer built in. So we’re going to use that to resize the pictures.

To do that, first of all bring all photos to a single folder. Now go to the folder and select any of the pictures. Then open it with Windows Photo Viewer (Right Click on the Pic > Open With > Windows Photo Viewer). 


The image will be opened now. After that switch to thumbnail view by clicking the small icon at the top left side of the software. 


Next select all the photos by pressing Ctrl+A or if you wanna select some desired images only, just press and hold the Ctrl button and click any pictures you want. Then simply click on Edit Pictures (at the top).


Now from the right side bar select Resize. After that you can easily choose your desired height and width. Or you can simply put how many percent you wanna reduce up your image. After all those are done, click on OK. Then save those (File>Save). That’s it. You’re done with your editing; you may now head over to your party or your date.

Wrapping it up,

We’re all done now. The images are resized. You’re all ready for the party. If you face any problem I’m alive on comments. Just knock me. Cya on the next post.

Image Credit: Pixabay

Review: DreamTera - A SSD Hosting Provider, SSD Reseller & Master Reseller

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Hey guys, what’s up? It’s me again, though it's hard, try to tolerate. Anyway, previously I wrote an article about how we can get startedwith a blog. There I said that you can either get started with a Blogger blog or a Wordpress blog. In case of Blogger blogs, it’s quite easy to play around. You don’t need complex stuffs like web hosting. But when you’re dealing up with a wordpress blog, you gotta go for a web hosting. Or rather you can’t survive in this heavy jungle of websites. And I think there are thousands of companies that provide web hosting for a cheap price. But you can’t actually risk your money for a company that fails to provide you a great server service.

There are genuine companies like BlueHost or Hostgator, but we should consider giving a chance to other companies as well. And hence today I’m gonna review a relatively new but an awesome hosting solutions company named DreamTera. And not only WordPress blogs, if you’re planning for a website for your Office or School or anything you may go for it. Okay, so let’s dive in and see its features and pricing.

Introducing DreamTera:

DreamTera is comparatively a new hosting platform, but I think it has enough potential to compete with other hosting giant. In spite of being quite new in its field, it provides almost 99.9% uptime and brilliantly fast servers under this little price range. Which means it’s going to be a long time horse in the hosting race.

Besides this, one of the most amazing features is that, its hosting is powered by SSD or Solid State Drive. And I think that’s quite enough to rely on. On the other hand, it also provides Reseller Hosting and Master Resellers.

Must Read: What is SEO? 

As per as my review it has a user friendly control panel, which is really important for newbie bloggers who are using wordpress for first time. I’ve noticed that there are many users who leave using wordpress just because of the complexity of the hosting platform. They don’t understand a crap of it and just log out. But in this case, you can count my words. Okay so let’s now check its key features.

Why DreamTera:

  • DDOS Protection: There are tons of hackers outside ready to attack your site. Hence, DDOS protection is damn important for any hosting provider. In DreamTera you’re getting it.
  • Fast Servers: One of the most important things that matter when a user visits your site is the site loading speed. If your server is slow, you’re gone. But I think DreamTera has a good server speed.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Suppose your site is down for some reason and you can’t contact your hosting provider’s experts, won’t you blast in anger? So, you know, 24/7 customer support counts a lot.
  • User Friendly Control Panel: Like I said previously, control panel should be easy to use for anyone. And DreamTera is giving you that.

So I think DreamTera has got enough reasons to be chosen as your dream hosting company.


As I told earlier, it provides really cheap hosting in its field. The price is starting from $0.99/mo. including this; they have three packages i.e. $1.99/mo and $2.99/mo. In all packages you’re getting free .in or .biz domain names and 99.9% up time. Besides this you’ll get free email addresses (10, 50 or 100 depending upon the package). For more details please head over to their website.


DreamTera might be a new company, but my review says — DreamTera is a great hosting provider and it won't let you down. So give it a chance, try it. And don’t forget to disqus your thoughts on comments. For any other queries I’m alive on twitter or hangouts. Cya.

Cover Pic Credit: Waag  Society via IM Creator

Bubblews : A Social Networking Site You can Earn From

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Aah! Posting after long days. I'm sorry guys for I couldn't post since last few months. Actually I was suffering from a disease, a disease that all bloggers suffer from. After 1 or 2 years of blogging everyone goes through this phase. In this disease you gradually lose interest in blogging stuffs. You only love to chat with girls, watch television and blah blah!! And believe me, I'm trying really hard to get back to blogging. I just need you guys to help me. Just stay with me, I'll never let it go. Anyway enough emotional speech, let's get back to work.

While this ultra illusional phase was going on, I surfed the net purposelessly. I didn't have anything certain to do, so I kept gawking around. Meanwhile I found a social networking site named Bubblews. And the cool thing about this site was that it is a social website that pays you to speak your mind. The site was irresistibly magnetic. I couldn't resist myself from signing up (I love money you know). Anyway I started researching over the site. Because there are thousands of fake sites which promise you to pay bucks. During the digging I came across few users who actually got paid. So we can't really say that it's fake. And today I thought of sharing this stuff with you guys. So let's hop in.

What is Bubblews?

As I said earlier Bubblews is a social networking website where you can share your thoughts, follow friends, just like Facebook or Twitter. But unlike them it pays you bucks for getting views, comments or likes in your shared posts. Sounds delicious, right? According to their website, Bubblews is a —

Content creation and discovery platform where users can come to express their opinions, meet like-minded individuals and be compensated for their posts.

Arvind and Jason
The site's pretty new in the market. It was founded in 2012 by Arvind Dixit and Jason Zuccar. The company is located at San Fransisco, CA.
Arvind (a.k.a Avi), the CEO and Co Founder believe that the popular social networking sites are using their users for their own financial benefit. And hence Bubblews on the other hand will help people earn some extra cash while they waste their precious time online (or should I say, on the line). Feeling rich rich?? I can smell something awesome!!

So what's the recipe?

The recipe is pretty easy and cool. It's something like facebook. You post stuffs here and people see it, like it or comment on it. No matter whatever they do, one thing is clear, you're getting rich. Bubblews will give you $1 as soon as you sign up. After that for each likes, views or comments you'll be grabbing $ 0.01. The amount isn't pretty big. But an average post gets almost 20-25 views and few likes. And as per their limit you can post 10 times daily. Mathematically, you're getting 20*10*0.01 = $ 2 for wasting your time online. It's not that bad, you know. Besides that, I've seen some users on Bubblews are getting about 350 views, 200 likes and many comments on one post. Awesome isn't it?

Just like fb or twitter, you can follow other users. According to my experience Mutual Connections matter a lot in Bubblews. When you like or comment on other users' stuffs, obviously 50-60% of them will do the same. The theory is "You help me, I'll help back".

Per post should have at least 400 characters before they get published. So writing 10 little articles per day isn't that hard, is it? The minimum payout is $ 50 and processed through the PayPal.

Just like other sites Bubblews is also crawled by Google. So suppose if you somehow rank one of your articles in google it will get tons of views, which clearly means your pocket is gonna get heavy. But to do that you have to write a rank-worthy post which should follow certain SEO rules. If you're hearing this term first time, don't worry, just read my articles on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for a better understanding about it.

Wrapping everything up, here's the algo to become rich.

  1. Sign up for Bubblews. It's free and you'll get a kick start of $ 1.
  2. Compose a new post by pressing the Write button at the left side bar.
  3. Write and article, snag a pic from Pixabay and post it.
  4. Share your article in Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. Wait for views, likes and comments.
  5. Follow other users (especially those who have almost same number of followers and followings).
  6. Interact with people. Like their posts. They love it.


Bubblews strictly follows its terms and conditions. If you violate it, you might not get paid. No matter whatever you do, never ever —
  • Use any bots to produce views or likes.
  • Ask people to like or view your post.
  • Post continuously (consider a 1 hour gap between each post).
  • Follow furiously.
Basically the key line is - don't do stuffs that Bubblews hates. Here's the link to terms and condition, read it well and follow it strictly. 


Though I haven't yet reached a payout point, my experience was not that bad. All I can say is that — it's kind of heaven for amature writers. So give it a try, join today and don't forget to follow me. Cya soon.

Cover pic: Pixabay. Bubblews logo, pics of Arvind and Jason, screenshots: Bubblews Press Kit

How to Optimize Images for Better SEO in a Blogger Blog?

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how-to-optimize-images-for-better-seo-in-a-blogger-blog-snapIn my last article I tried to elaborate what SEO is. But that was just a beginner's stuff and written for the basic knowledge about Search Engine Optimization. Now the real question is — how exactly can you perform SEO? Many bloggers keep saying that SEO is really complex thing, it's not a piece of cake and stuffs. Chillax guys! I admit that it isn't a piece of cake, but it's nothing more than 2 pieces of cake, lol. And if you can eat 1 piece of cake, eating 2 pieces of cakes is just a piece of cake for you, right? Anyway, I'm gonna write a series of articles to help you optimizing your blog for better search engine performance. So just stick to TAB. And today in this article you're going to learn how to search engine optimize your blog's images. In my language I call it Seofying the images. So let's dive in.

Why optimize images?

The first question that might arise in your mind is why the heck should I optimize the pictures? But buddy, the problem is that the Search Engines like Google, Bing etc aren't smart enough to read images while crawling your blog. At blogger blogs, we've to do it ourselves. You might find this painful, if you're as lazy as me. But there's nothing we can do about it. I think we all lazy bloggers should unite altogether and have a protest against such merciless, cruel barbarity of these SEs. Anyway till then let's solve this together. Remember united we stand, divided we fall.

Shut up and tell me how to do it.

For now, I'm just showing you the way to optimize the images in a blog post. So firstly open the post which we'll be dealing with. Done? Now here's the algorithm of optimizing an image. Just follow the steps carefully.

1. Upload the images into the post first. If you're editing an existing post and already placed a picture in it, skip this step.

2. Now click on the image. A group of options should appear below that image. Amongst them click on the Properties. Look at the snap below to scour your confusions.


3. After clicking, a rectangle box will pop. There you'll find two text fields.


Below are the functions of  those fields.
  1. Title Box: Whatever you write here, will be displayed when you hover your pointer over the image. This keeps your readers connected to you. Keep your mouse on the image above, for instance.
  2. ALT Text: ALT text is the short form of Alternative Text. As I said earlier, search engines can't understand images. So by using this alt text you can provide it information about the pic. For better SEO try to follow a certain format. I recommend using your title in dashed style followed by the description of the picture. For the above image, I'd use this alt text — how-to-optimize-images-for-better-seo-in-blogger-screenshot. Got it?
Just use these functions carefully to SEO optimize your blog's pictures so that your site ranks higher in search results.


That's all. Whenever you write a blog post, keep these two little stuffs in mind. It won't take much time, but it'll give you many things in return. For any queries I'm alive, just comment below. Don't be selfish, share this article with your friends. Cya.

What is SEO: The Beginner's Guide

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If you are blogging from several months, you might have heard the term SEO for thousands of times, right? It's really fascinating to gawk at others SEOfying there blog while you can do nothing about it. And that is the moment you go mad about it, hunt for it everywhere and after some repeated failures your frustration turns into anger —

Chillax!! TAB is here. Believe me, all bloggers go through this same phase of life. It's the key ingredient of success. I have posted many articles on blogging, but all of them were mainly concentrated on the basic designing of your blog. But the actual fact is that to make a popular blog, you gotta weave many things out by yourselves. And SEO is one of those things. No doubt you can hire an expert to build the SEO for your blog, but that's not what I recommend. If you want to be a real blogger, you must lasso the crafts in your finger tips. So all you have to do is calm down, take a drink and start reading this post out. SEO cannot be covered in just 3-4 posts. I'll be posting a series of tutorials on how to perform SEO in your blog. Just come back regularly and check for my posts on SEO and go through all of them. The only mantra is to Stay Calm and Keep Blogging. Let's now begin with our article.

What is SEO?

SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. To define it 'blogomatically' —

It is a process by virtue of which you can make your blog/website appear on search result for a particular search keyword.

Well that's a bloody scientific definition. Leave it. Just try to understand that when you Search Engine Optimize your blog, search engines will find it and put it on the search results page. SEO is like the blood of your blog. It flows all over your blog, does its duties, but when it stops, your blog is dead.

Let me put another example in front ya. Suppose if you search for the term "Mark Zuckerberg" in Google, a bunch of links come at the results page. Now Google will show you 76, 00, 000 results. If you write about Mark, your page might be at the first page, or might be at the last page as well. So what factor defines it? It's the SEO!! Now many people will say content of your blog is the king, if you have great stuffs in your blog, it will rank higher in google. But believe me if content's the king, SEO is the king's soul then. And a body can't live without its soul.

Why do I need SEO?

Believe me or not 90% of my traffic comes from the search results. So unless until you optimize your blog for the Search Engines, you can't actually get traffic. Social Media can, in max, give you 10-15% traffic. That's it. You have to depend on SEs like Google and Bing. Let me show you an interesting infographic of my traffic data:

Search Engines crawl you site and look for great contents. But even awesome content is dead without proper SE-Optimization. You might ask now, why can't SEs do it themselves, eh? Well, yes they are smart, but the fact is they're human made and not smarter than you (feeling proud?). So that's the part, you have to do yourself.

There are thousands of sites taking birth every moment. If you want to survive in this site jungle, you have to bring your site to the first page (better within the first 7 positions). Just ask yourself, did you ever endeavor going to the second page when you need something? No, right? Now you can judge how important the optimization stuff is.

Also Read: How to Generate a Blogger Sitemap and Submit it to Google Webmaster Tools.

Enough Crappy Speech, Tell Me How to Do It?

As I said earlier, it's kind of blood of your blog. It flows everywhere. No matter what changes you make to your blog, SEO will put his nose everywhere. It can't actually be done within a certain limit of time. You have to continue doing it always, everyday, whenever you write a post. You have to optimize the post's title, images, meta tags, the post itself, and even the blog's address.

For a starting knowledge, you should know that there are two types of SEO. One is the onsite SEO and the other is offsite SEO. The onsite optimization is just straight craft of writing. It's what you do in a post. Offsite optimization, on the other hand, is the matter that actually depends on stuffs like Backlinks, Internal Links, Social Media Marketing etc. The words may be new to you guys, but hang on, I'm gonna write about all these stuffs very soon.


I know there are many question floating around your mind. The first days of learning SEO are full of confusions. This is just the beginning, I shall tell you all the things that will lead you towards having a successfully SEOfied blog. Any questions? Comment it below. And Keep Blogging. Keep Rocking. 


How to Generate a Blogger Sitemap and Submit it to Google Webmaster Tools?

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How to generate and submit blogger sitemap to webmaster tools?Writing tons of posts? Yet not getting desired amount of traffic? Your posts ain't coming to the search results due to lack of sitemap? If the answers are yes, then probably I got you covered, I have the solution to your blood boiling problem.

So today in this article I'm gonna tell you how to generate a sitemap of your blog or website and easily submit it to Google's Webmaster tools so that your high quality content gets the perfect exposure through the search results. But first of all let me clarify the concept of sitemap to ya.

So what's a sitemap?

You read books (the real ones with pages in it)? If you remember that kinda books you must remember the table of contents at the starting of the book. Right? In case of your blog, that page of contents is known as sitemap. To define it "blogologically" —

A sitemap is the list of your blog posts (often a XML file), that the search engines use to crawl your site and show those posts in the search results.

Why do I need a sitemap?

Suppose I give your an unknown physics book of 2K pages and tell you to find out the Energy Torque Equation of a DC Machine asap, will you be able to find it without a list of content page? No, right? So can't the search engine. It crawls millions of sites daily, so it's nearly impossible for a search engine to automatically crawl all your pages. Hence the sitemap. If you want your content to rank in the result pages, you've got to do it. Let's have a look at how exactly we can create a sitemap and submit it to Google's Webmaster tools.

How to do that?

First of all you gotta start your computer, obviously! After that, simply go to this site. And then in the box (shown in the pic below), paste your site's URL and press the Generate Sitemap button below. You'll be presented with some bunch of codes. Next, copy that and better save that in some text file for future use.

Paste your site address and prees generate button

Now come back to Blogger dashboard. Navigate down to the Settings > Search Preferences. There you'll notice a section named Crawlers and Indexing. Switch on (enable) the custom robots.txt option there and paste the copied bunch of code in that box (see the snap below) and save the changes.

Paste the codes and press on Save Changes

Now your pages will be automatically crawled. But for a little help of Google, let's submit it to the Webmaster tools.

To do so, at first you gotta copy a certain part from that bunch of codes. Which part? Look at the screenshot below.

Copy the certain url part

Got it? Copy the yellow part. Then go to Google's Webmaster tools. If your site is not listed there, make it appear by clicking ADD A SITE button at the top right corner of the page. Can you see it? Now click on your site and steer down to the Crawl option (at left side of the site). Under crawl tab you'll find an option named sitemap. At the top corner of that page, click on ADD/TEST SITEMAP. A box should pop out. Now paste the copied (yellow marked) code into popped box and hit the submit button. And you're done.

paste the copied section at box


checklistThat's it. You've helped Google enough to find your blog's great contents. I recommend submitting the sitemap to Bing's Webmasters tools as well. Try doing it yourself. That will help you to have a long run in the field.

Wrapping everything up, here's the brief summary of what you've gotta do. Have a look over it.

Now you're a step ahead towards a great blog. Start writing more contents so that you get higher chances of getting discovered in the web ocean. Comment your thoughts on this topic bellow. Bye for now, ceeyaa. :)

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