How to Add a Recycle Bin in Your Android Phone or Tablet?

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Ever deleted any files mistakenly and wondered, wish you had a recycle bin in your android phone? Well, let’s make your wish come true.

Recycle bin is one of the most exciting features of windows PC. In case you don’t know what a recycle bin is, let me tell you. It’s a kind of dust-bin of your computer. Whenever you delete a file, say a video song, it doesn’t permanently vanish from your computer. It still remains in the dust-bin, i.e. in the recycle bin. And later if you change your mind, you can restore (undelete) it easily.

Now that’s a cool feature of computers. But what happens when you delete a file in your favorite android device? There is no recycle bin like computers in android phone or tablet. So when you delete some files, they get erased, forever.  Worst thing is when you delete some of your rare, favorite file(s) accidently!  That crappy – ‘What-did-I-do’ feeling is very common amongst smartphone users.

So what to do? Well, relax, chill down your jaw. We have something awesome for ya. In this article, I’m gonna tell you how to add a recycle bin in your android system which will help you to restore back accidently deleted videos, songs or any other files.

So how to do that?

Since that we don’t have that feature in our devices in-built (not even hidden), we can’t really do some magical stuffs and unlock it. Pretty obviously we’re gonna use some third party app. But, there are plenty of apps that can help you to add a bin to your phone. Just search on Playstore with the term - ‘Recycle Bin’ and more than a dozen of apps will appear. So to be sure whether the app works or not, you’ve gotta install them one by one and test. Kind of frustrating, isn’t it?

Okay, so let’s automate your job a little bit. After testing few of the apps appearing at the top of the results, I’ve sorted out the best of them.

Dumpster. One of the best file restoration apps available on android market. And the most pleasing fact is that it doesn’t really require root permission. So even un-rooted users will be able to utilize this tool.

Now let’s have a look at how to setup this app and use it to restore deleted files.

1. At first install the app from Playstore, and open it. After opening it, accept the terms and conditions, when prompted.

how to add a recycle bin feature in android device snap 1

2. Next, a page willl open asking you to select your desired file types. These are the file types that the app will keep track on, and will be able to restore back when deleted. There are several other options in that page, such as auto-clean, lockscreen etc. You can enable them if you wish. And if your device is rooted you can also switch on the root access (this will help the app work better). After the selection is done, click Next.

how to add a recycle bin feature in android device snap 2

3. Your job is done. Now sit back and wait for the accidental deletion or to see whether it works or not you can run a sample test. Simply delete any useless file (should be amongst the file types you chose previously).

4. Now open the Dumpster app. There you’ll notice a list of deleted items. Choose any item and click on it. Then simply press Restore. The file’s now successfully restored to its previous location. You can go to the folder and check whether the file is there or not.

how to add a recycle bin feature in android device snap 3

So that’s how you can easily add a recycle bin feature in your android device using a simple third party app. Besides Dumpster, there are several other amazing apps, try them out and tell us which one works best for you. And if you face any problem restoring your files, you can comment below, we’ll reply you as soon as possible. Till then, goodbye.

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This article was written by Niladri Chatterjee, a sexy, handsome and talented author. By characteristics, he is narcissist and superlazy. Inspite of being so lazy, he founded this blog (a real inspiration for the lazy persons). You can follow him in Twitter (@TheOnlyNiladri), Facebook or Instagram (@talentedbanda).

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The 7 Deadliest Computer Viruses of All Time!

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the 7 deadliest computer viruses of all time

Without a doubt, the digital realm controls the physical realm of our world today. GPS satellites and systems control many technologies we take for granted, the planet’s finances are governed, monitored, and managed by computer systems, and communications technologies allow governments, corporations, organizations, and individuals to acquire and transfer information infinitely faster than could ever have been imagined only a few hundred years ago. Over time our physical security has improved immensely, security systems such as Pro-Vigil and other video surveillance or bodyguard companies through technology.  However, with these incredible technological gains we’ve realized to exponentially raise our standards of living, and alongside developed enormous risks to these systems over the years. In the world we live in today, digital security takes on a role just as prominent, if not even more so, than physical security. Past digital vulnerabilities have had the opportunity to wreak havoc and create huge problems for users, businesses, and governments.

Read on to see what the seven most famous and devastating computer viruses of all time were and what kind of damage they caused in teaching the valuable lesson of the importance of digital security.


The Melissa virus was unleashed on the world in the spring of 1999 and marked one of the first serious, rapidly spreading viruses among PC users. The virus embedded itself within a word document placed in an email sent to victims with only a cryptic note stating, “Here is that document you asked for, don't show it to anybody else.” After opening the document, the virus would spread by sending out a similar email to the top 50 people in the victim’s address book. The creator, Dan Smith, served a 20-month jail sentence and was forbidden from accessing computer networks without court permission.


Similar to the Melissa virus, the infamous ILOVEYOU worm initially began by sending itself through email, enticing victims to open up a love letter from a secret admirer. Once the document within the email was opened, the virus would replicate itself, add new files, and hide amongst many different files within the user’s computer. It also sent personal information and passwords to the creator of the virus, who is suspected to have been Onel de Guzman of the Philippines, although he was never officially charged for any crimes.

Code Red and Code Red II

The malicious Code Red and Code Red II viruses came on the scene in the summer of 2001. They both operated through Windows Operating Systems’ vulnerabilities. Code Red utilized a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) on the White House by pointing users whose computers were infected and who were trying to access the web to White House Servers, crashing them and rendering access impossible. As for Code Red II, this virus created backdoor access for hackers, allowing complete control over user’s computers and open access to sensitive data and personal information.


Nimda (admin spelled backwards) was another virus that popped up in 2001. This virus spread not just over email, but through the internet as well. At the time, it was considered to be the fastest spreading virus ever, taking only 22 minutes to become one of the most frequently reported attacks. The virus slowed internet traffic to a crawl and allowed hackers backdoor access to users’ operating systems similar to Code Red II.

SQL Slammer/Sapphire

SQL Slammer, also known as Sapphire, brought down major systems and caused chaos in a way that was never before seen in January 2003. The virus spread across the internet and affected web servers with major vulnerabilities, bringing down Bank of America ATMs, Continental Airlines ticketing services, and even emergency 911 services in the city of Seattle. The estimated damages were on the order of $1 billion.


MyDoom was a worm that began to spread in early February of 2004 with a DDoS attack perpetrated through operating system vulnerabilities. However, by mid-February the virus stopped distributing itself, although it still maintained backdoor access to user’s computers. It even caused search engines like Google to run slower later in the year when it carried out massive searches of email addresses found on user’s computers in another attempt to replicate itself.

Sasser and Netsky

Sasser and Netsky were two different viruses, but they were both created by the same individual – a German teenager named Sven Jaschan. The Sasser virus infected computers through Microsoft Windows, spread quickly by searching for other vulnerable systems, and even made it hard for victims to shut down their computers. Netsky on the other hand spread through email with a malicious file attachment and caused Denial of Service (DoS) attacks all over the internet.

About Guest Author:

Lee Ying has over 10 years’ experience in the tech and security industry. He currently writes for various websites, if you would like to contact him you can find him on LinkedIn. Follow him on Twitter @LeeYing101.

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5 Reasons to Buy Your Next Smartphone Online!

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5 reasons to buy your next smartphone online

Our lives revolve around one device and one device only- our mobiles. The first thing we do instinctively when we wake up is to check our phone- whether it’s to check the time, Whatsapp messages or Facebook updates- it’s the first thing we reach for. Similarly at night, we can’t sleep till we haven’t “Facetimed” with our loved ones and haven’t sent some corny jokes on our favourite chat groups.

It’s a vicious cycle when it comes to smartphones. Even if we acquire the latest model, that happiness doesn’t last for too long, because sure enough someone will trump us with a better model and once again we go back to finding our phones useless and scout around for the next better thing. The human mind can truly never be satisfied!

Online shopping has really taken off in a big way in India. With internet penetration reaching almost 300 million, a third of this population is hooked on to online shopping showing no signs of stopping.

If you’re looking for a new mobile phone because your current phone feels out-dated, here are a few reasons why you should buy your next mobile online:

1. Convenience

 Remember the time you visited 5-6 stores in the scorching heat to find the latest mobiles? You’d visit a different store for Samsung… then LG… then Sony… then Microsoft… shortlist a few phones…then go back to the previous store to compare the features again just to be sure…which would again confuse you as to which one is better…and in the end only to end up empty handed full of doubts.

You no longer have to go through such an arduous journey anymore. Online retailers feature products from your favourite brands under one roof- just switch tabs to compare features and specifications of different phones and zero in on the one you want to bring home.


The most disappointing part of buying a phone through shops was after you’d made up your mind with much deliberation and you finally took the plunge to buy your favourite phone- only to be told it’s out of stock or it’s not available.

When you shop online you have so much variety that you can easily find many options to choose from be it a phone that was launched in 2012 or a phone which was launched last week. You never run out of variety to satiate your never ending hunger for the latest technology.

Check out these unending varieties of phones and get one home today using Paytm Discount Coupons.

Better Price

This is one of the biggest advantages why you should buy your phone online. With a host of e-tailers trying to grab your attention, they are at a constant price battle in which the ultimate winner is you. Now compare prices of your favourite model of smartphone across retailers like Flipkart, Amazon, Ebay and buy it at the best deal possible. What makes this even more attractive is the presence of Cashback websites like which not only give you discounts but also cash back into your pockets.

Lesser Traps

It is not uncommon that when we leave the house we have an idea of what we want to buy but when we enter physical stores, the salesmen lure us into buying something else with their sugar coated talk which we naively believe. There are no such traps on online websites which show purely give us information on our favourite phones and the deals that are currently running and leave it to us to make the choice.

Online Services

Buying a phone is one part of the spectrum. What really makes the phone so addictive is the internet and telecom services. We would hardly have any use for our phones if we had no talk time money or no internet connectivity. Never have to worry about running out of balance or for your data pack to expire with on the go recharge options which keep your service and entertainment flowing nonstop 24/7.

It is next to impossible to imagine our life without the presence of online retailers who have given a new age twist to all our shopping needs bringing us the best deals and never ending varieties which can keep us occupied for hours.

About Author:

Neha Choudhary has a penchant for writing and is also a tech expert. Check out what’s new in technology and get your hands on the latest gadget by using Freecharge Coupons available on Choudhary covers issues relating to technology and business and has created a reputation for writing articles and new about the latest technological trends and developments happening around the world. She has about 4 years of experience writing for the tech sector.

5 Ways to Stay Safe on Torrent Sites!

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5 ways to stay safe on torrent sites cover image

Torrenting isn’t as safe and easy as it once was. Not only are there more legal repercussions today, but plenty more safety and security issues including viruses, malware, and invasions of privacy. It is absolutely necessary to take precautions when downloading torrents. It may take a little time and research, but it is highly beneficial in the long run. So here are 5 of the best ways to stay safe and out of trouble when downloading torrents. 

1. Use a VPN

Torrents are an easy and inexpensive way to share and acquire everything from software to music. However, when downloading torrents, any user that has downloaded the same torrent as you can see that you are downloading, or have downloaded the torrent content. While this may not be a problem in some situations, as you may know, many torrents provide content that is illegal to download. A virtual private network (VPN) service can help you avoid a torrent being linked to you, and keep you out of trouble. Basically, a VPN will create an encryption that will make it so no one can see what is passing through your internet tunnel. No one will be able to trace who downloaded a torrent when you use a VPN. This link will help you find a VPN that is best for your torrenting needs.

2. Check Torrent Feedback

Before downloading a torrent, check the feedback given by others. If you continually see only negative comments on a torrent, then you should not download it. It’s kind of like shopping. If you are going to buy a vacuum, do you buy the vacuum with poor ratings, and comments that say “the vacuum destroyed everything”? I think not! Just like there are some horrible products one can purchase on Amazon, there are some torrents you simply should not download (no matter how badly you want it).

3. Seedboxes

Seedboxes, a favorite tool of many torrent downloaders, are remote servers that not only do the downloading for you, but does not share your IP address with the public since you are on a separate server.  Since another IP address does the downloading for you, it makes it much more challenging to track the torrent download back to you.

Seedboxes also provide incredibly fast downloads, and when I say fast, I mean fast! Depending on the speed of your internet connection, whole TV series can be downloaded in less than 6 minutes. This may not go into the safety category, but who doesn’t want a speedy torrent download. (Gee…I really wish this torrent would take longer to download…said no one EVER!).  GreyCoder provides information on where to find the best seedboxes of 2015 to help you get started.

4. Updated Anti-virus and Internet Security Software

Ensuring that you have quality and updated anti-virus and security software is not only important for torrenting, but important for everyone to have on their home computers and laptops. There are many ways to become infected with a virus and/or malware, but downloading torrents will make you much more vulnerable. It is not hard to update your security software, but it can be very challenging to get rid of any virus or malware. If you want to increase the quality of security software, look up antivirus software reviews online to find the best options.

5. Avoid Downloading Torrents

This may not be what you want to hear, but the best way to stay safe when downloading torrents is to not download them at all. Unless you live in Switzerland, downloading copyrighted works such as movies and music is illegal. Although it may be challenging to resist downloading and binge watching the entire series of Silicon Valley (not that I ever did anything like that), it may be easier and safer to find a friend with an HBO account.

However, torrents are of course not just for illegal downloads. There are many great legal uses for torrents, but it is still important to take security measures when using torrents for things such as downloading Linux ISOs. By taking the safety precautions previously mentioned, you should be on your way to a safe, smooth, and fast experience on torrents.

Author: The article was written by Caroline. She is a technology enthusiast and blogger. She loves anything to do with technology and gadgets but her main passion is internet security. Caroline is originally from the UK but now lives in the US where she works as a Network Manager and also writes for

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6 Sure Shot Tips to Help You Build Local SEO Links!

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As a local SEO marketer, one requires to learn the ways to handle the targeted information on the internet. This acts as a major constituent of local search engine optimization as when one obtains information, especially for other sites, this will give them the edge. Link building is an extremely crucial part of SEO. This is a process that is time consuming, thus often is quite frustrating. Following the constant algorithm changes the concept of link building for some can be little confusing. The fact remains, regardless of which way one spins search engine optimization, the process of link building remains at the mainstay of augmenting one’s position in the online search results. And this is very much applicable to local SEO as well.

Local SEO gaining recognition:

Local search engine optimization is gaining good recognition these days. In fact a majority of the local or small businesses are giving their 100% and putting in all their efforts for dominating their local market. Ruling the local market is not easy as in local businesses a whole lot of factors work for their business. These include one’s services, customer reviews and so on.  In order to capture their local area, one should leave no stone unturned. They should do just everything that will please and satisfy their customers manifold. Here consulting companies that offer professional SEO services will do the trick.

Top 6 local SEO link building tips:

Below are 6 sure shot tips that will help one build local SEO links especially for local success. These include,

  1. Commenting on local blogs - as per SEO professionals, one should get involved along with making noteworthy contributions to the web discussions which the local communities may have regarding their domain. Here the best thing to do is to create the keyword and location list one is planning to target. Following this, they should conduct some research on Blog search in Google for local blogs which highlights on similar topics to their chosen keywords. After this is done, the next step will be to pick some informative and good quality blogs, but having a theme which is pertinent to their business as well as industry. Go on reading some posts and while reading them if something appears interesting or valuable, one can add some comments on it. The key is in linking to varied places on various posts, which includes one’s root domain, Google and local business page, Google and local listing or landing page

  2. Local mentions - one should try at getting mentions in their community websites or local news websites. And to attain this one needs to use some unique techniques that are not common to others. A smart way of doing this easily is by doing PR. For this, one needs to get in touch with a journalist that covers ample news associated with their specific business niche. After this, they should try contacting him/her over the phone or it is even better to meet them in person. This form of relationship building will truly prove beneficial for them. 

  3. Provide reviews and testimonials to local businesses - reviews and testimonials of their services or products are always welcome as well as received whole heartedly by local businesses. The trick here is after making the utilization of local businesses; provide them pleasing reviews, be it on their services or products on the terms that they will link to their website. One must also ensure in leaving for them a testimonial and asking them in linking to them back. Besides, in accordance to best SEO services experts, one should also ensure that they link to domains having location-specific words to their domain such as because this will go further for their local rankings. 

  4. Post a guest blog on local niche - it is an excellent means of contributing to local blogs and getting local links in return to one’s listing page, root domain URL or local landing page of their site. For this, one needs to prepare a list comprising of the keywords and the location which they are planning to target and then go for Google Blog search utilizing this query: Geo-location + keyword or look for local blogs which throws light on topics associated to their keywords. After this, one should make a research in order to check as to whether the blogs provide or not the guest post facility. If it clicks, then one should right away send a good outreach mail to them. The moment one is acknowledged as an eligible guest author, they should ensure in creating a good content and thereby receive links in their by-line. Besides, if the webmaster permits it, one can try putting their business NAP (name, address, phone number) in the post because this is an unstructured citation. Authority/quality of unstructured citations indeed is regarded as an off-site local ranking element that is highly influential.

  5. Citation submission (local website submission) - these are crucial for local businesses. In fact, these are sites that will aid one in dominating their local market. Here one will require in filling the information, as these sites along with offering them high ranking in their local market will also aid them in expanding their business. One should ask their customers for giving them a positive response on these websites, as Google considers these reviews too

  6. Classified Ads Submission - it is another method that can work wonders owing to the fact that maximum time individuals do classified submissions solely for their local habitats. Creating exciting offers as well as submitting the same on the websites of local Ad submission will help in one’s business and in the rankings of Google too. Most importantly, one should keep in mind to include product image of high quality, only with the Ad description as these images will play a major role in convincing the customers for contacting them for business

Quality of backlinks really counts!

When one is doing local Search Engine Optimization, connecting with different other local websites is important. It is always best to try in networking throughout their community as this is a necessity for all local businesses to perform. If one wish their online marketing venture in being successful and highly effective, it is a mandate that they have inbound links of good quality coming to their site from the targeted businesses and organizations which are respected within their community. A backlink or backlinks for that matter always is necessary for any site and especially if one dreams of ranking well locally, this helps provided they have quality links coming from top local websites. One should try at convincing the search engine platforms that they are a helpful local business which is vital in their community. When it comes to backlinks, its quality really counts much above than quantity.

Last words,

Yes, local SEO link building remains to be highly effective, but this by no means indicates hours of hard work and with minimal visible results. To create backlinks and links for promoting one’s local site is immensely profitable, provided they know the right means of executing them properly. Hope the 6 aforementioned tips will aid one and their local business. The bottom line is in performing every link building step in the perfect manner. Besides these tips, one should give importance to customer satisfaction because if their customers are satisfied, then nothing can stop them from dominating their market.

About the Author: With the help of this article Sophia Smith has brought into limelight the 6 sure shot tips that will help one build local SEO links especially for local success in accordance to best SEO services experts. She has also laid emphasis on how professional SEO services will do the trick.

10 Amazing Windows Shortcut Keys You’ve Probably Never Heard Before!

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In this article you’ll find some amazing windows shortcut keys that you might be missing out in your PC.

Windows is one of the most popular operating system right now. Billions of people have windows installed in their computer. Some prefer Windows 7 and some Windows 8/8.1. Meanwhile the latest version of Microsoft family, Windows 10 is on its way. People around the world use computers because these tiny boxes make our lives easier and lazier.

This blog, is a kingdom of lazy peoples. We all are the sloths over here, deeply concentrating on how not to work. So today I thought of sharing something awesome that’ll blow the whistle of laziness in your ear canal.

To say it right away, I’m gonna share some magically awesome windows shortcut keys that you might haven’t heard before.

Before I get to the article, I wanna thank that genius who invented the shortcuts. We work-shy people would have died without this innovation. Take a bow master!!

So here are the most amazing windows shortcut keys that will blow your mind.

1. Ctrl + Shift + N:

This shortcut is used to create a new folder. Normally to create a folder you’ve to reach out to your mouse or touchpad, move the cursor to a blank space, right click there, select New and then finally click on Folder (that is the reason why you’ll never find stuffs organized in a boy’s computer).

Chillax! Do it easy. Just press Ctrl, Shift and N. And a folder is created. Rename it, hit enter. As simple as that.

2. Ctrl + Y:

The Ctrl + Z can undo some task right? Now suppose you’re making some genius masterpiece in MS Paint and meanwhile accidently press the Ctrl + Z! All you’ve done in the previous timespan is now gone!! Would you give up on your brilliant art? Would you break your computer? Would you start watching - Meet the Spartans?  No!! We have with us - the ultimate saver! Call Ctrl + Y to the rescue. Yup, this shortcut can redo any task undone previously.

3. The Space Bar:

All of you know that the biggest key on keyboard, i.e. the space bar is used to hit a space while typing out something. But what you might not know is, it can be used to scroll down while surfing some site in your browser. Usually you have to click and drag the scroll bar to go down pages. But with space you can do it easily!

4. Alt + Prt Scr:

You might have heard of the little Print Screen key (Prt Scr). It’s used to take full-page screenshot of the current screen. But what if you wanna snap your current window only? The long process is to snap it with the Prt Scr, take it to the Paint or Photoshop and then corp it. An easy alternative way is to go to the window you wanna snap, press Alt + Prt Scr. That’s it, this shortcut will take screenshot of any window that is active at the current time.

5. Windows + Arrow Keys:

Suppose you’re working with 4 or 5 active windows at a time. So time to time you’ve to switch between the windows. This is very irritating. So alternatively you can split the screen and snap those windows side by side, this makes it easy to roam around them. To do this, normally you have to click and hold the title bar of the window and drag them to the position you want, and may be resize them as well. But this can be time consuming, especially if your screen is big. To cut out the extra effort with your mouse, an easy shortcut is: Windows + Arrow keys. Here are some quick tips.

  • Windows + Left arrow: Snap window to left.  
  • Windows + Right: Snap window to right.
  •  Windows + Up: Maximize  
  • Windows + Down: Restore previous dimension.

6. Windows + Numeric keys:

If you press the windows key along with a numeric key, say 1, it will launch the 1st application that has been pinned to your taskbar. Likewise, when you press Windows + 2 or 3 or any number, the application residing at that number of position in the taskbar will be launched. There are two types of numeric keys in a keyboard. One stays at the right side, another at the top. The right sided num keys, in some PCs, do not work properly when you use this shortcut. So try the other one.

7. Shift + Right Click:

In the right click menu there’s an option called Send to. It helps to directly copy a file to any removable disk, or send it to a Bluetooth device or create a shortcut at desktop. But it doesn’t let you copy files in between the folders in your local drives. So here’s another shortcut for that. Instead of just right clicking if you shift + right click, you’ll get an extended list of options in the send to menu. Try it out.

8. Ctrl+Shift+Esc:

To open task manager you can press Ctrl+Alt+Del and click on task manager. Or rather you can bypass the intermediate clicking step by just pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc. This brings up the task manager window instantly. No need to reach your mouse pad.

9. Windows + D:

What happens when you take your mouse pointer to the right bottom corner of your screen, it shows the desktop (hovered) and when you click there, it brings you to the desktop directly. It’s helpful often when you’re working with multiple windows. Now you can have this done easily without mouse. Pressing Windows + D will instantly bring you to the desktop. This is handy sometimes when a software or game crashes.

10. Alt + Tab:

Here’s the ultimate energy-saving shortcut for the lazy peoples. To be frank, I love this one. Usually to switch between apps we have to find the running app in the taskbar and click on it. But with this shortcut you can switch apps blazing fast. Try now, to experience this literally magical shortcut.


So these were some of the coolest time (& energy) saving shortcuts you’ll find in windows computers. Unfortunately some of them might not work on all computers. So if you have any trouble, please comment below along with your PC details. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Think, we missed some? Shout it loud in the comments... You’re heard, always…

How to Increase Blog Traffic: 8 Killer Tactics!

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So you have created a blog. Submitted it to major search engines. Put some posts on it. Played around SEO. Now what? Would you just wait for s-o-m-e-o-n-e to come and see your masterpiece and hope that they come back again later!! Sounds horrible right? Relax buddy.
how to increase blog traffic - 8 killer tactics cover
For a blog and a blogger, traffic is everything. No matter how read worthy content your blog has, it’s totally a piece of crap if you don’t have a group of readers (called traffic) to read it. Sorry to say but it is the truth. But how can you actually drive traffic to your blog? You can’t actually send them an invitation card, can you?

So basically what you’re gonna learn today is how to increase your blog traffic. It’s no rocket science. It’s not a ‘wow-I-got-result-in-a-day’ kinda skim either. These are the steps that you’ve to deal with all the time – today, as well as tomorrow. And even after getting a decent amount of regular traffic, you have to keep doing it. So without wasting time let’s bounce in.

Here are the 8 Fantastic Ways to Increase Blog Traffic like a Pro.

1. Write awesome:

The first rule of blogging is – write awesome stuffs that people would actually like to read. Stuffs that will help them find the right information that they are looking for. The most genuine way to get success in blogging is the ability to create great read-worthy content. If people like it, they’ll obviously share it. And hence your traffic will increase. How to create such content, you may ask. The simple formula is – “Read, Read, and Read. Write, Write, Write, and Write.”

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that no matter whatever you write, it must be original piece of art. No one has ever made it to the top copying others. Write up yourselves. What you craft, may not sound like a pro, but it’s unique at least. No matter how easy it sounds to steal from others and paste it in your blog, you can never stand out in the crowd. Google knows what is fresh and what is stale, and ranks it up likewise. So please, if you wanna increase your blog traffic seriously, do not steal from others.

2. Write Often:

Ask yourself, how often do you write? Once a day? Once a week? Once a month?

One of the biggest mistakes that bloggers make is not caring about the frequency of posting. But believe me, it matters. It freaking matters. Not only search engines, even sites like Alexa slightly measures the posting frequency while ranking blogs. I got slapped in my face previous year by both Alexa and Google because I didn’t post even a single word for more than about 2 months (I’m lazy, I admit). My daily traffic came down to almost 500 visitors per day. Even today, this is the only reason I do not make a penny off my blog. I’m too lazy to get out of the bed and actually start typing. I’m trying really hard to get over it. I promise I’ll be good, someday

But also remember that publishing good content once a week is far better than publishing rotten stuff daily. It's good to maintain a good posting frequency but, do not compromise with the quality of content for that.

3. Submit site to Search Engines:

Now that we’re good with out contents, it’s time to reach people when they need you. Where do you go when you need some information? Obviously to search engine websites (library is an option, but too hard to walk to). So if you want people to come to your blog, it must appear in the search results. And for that you have to submit it to popular search engine sites like Google, Bing etc.

There are many bloggers out there, blogging for years, but mistakenly forgot to submit their site to major search engines. So be sure not to, even in dream, forget submitting your site to Search engines.

4. Do S.E.O:

how to increase blog traffic fantastic ways seoYour job isn’t finished up yet. There are thousands if not millions of bloggers out there, writing awesome articles, submitting them to Google. So to get traffic, you’ve gotta compete with them. Which means you have to rank higher on Google search results page. The higher you rank, the more traffic you get.

But how do you rank up in Google or Bing or any other Search Engines? The answer is Search Engine Optimization or nicknamed as S.E.O. You can’t, even with great content rank high on Google or Bing unless you have a properly search engine organized blog (or rather a blog post).

Honestly more than 40% of my total traffic comes from Google. So never ever take this SEO thing lightly. Check out the link below, it elaborates the basics of S.E.O –

5. Promote Like a Pro:

The second most effective way to get traffic is by promoting your blog. Blog promotion is kind of like advertising. You tell people on other sites that you have a nice blog and they should come up visit your blog. There are many ways to promote your blog. You can do it free or pay for it. Paid promotion is when you pay other sites to tell their users about your blog. If you are stingy like me, never pay for it. Do it my way –

1. Join social sites: There are several social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest etc. Join there, engage up, follow people and increase your fans or followers. Regularly post updates soon after publishing new content on your blog. Try to grab as many shares as possible. The more times your content is shared online, the more traffic you get. Also don’t forget to add social share buttons in your blog posts.

2. Join Reddit: Reddit, as they say, is the frontpage of the internet. All new things around the web are posted here. If your blog has something really awesome that people would love, you can share the link up here. If it’s something cool, people will come up to your site to read it. And if people like it, they will vote for it. The link with most votes will hit the site’s homepage and if it does, you’re rich (rich by traffic, I mean, of course)!

But be cautious about not spamming the site. Reddit is too much strict against spammers. At first try to be a ‘mamas-good-kid-doesn’t-know-anything’ kinda user. Share good links from around the web. Comment on other users’ posts. Build the trust. And then mama won’t mind if you share a link or two from your blog.

3. Comment on High PR Blogs: Blog commenting is another effective way to promote your blog and increase your blog traffic. To do so, firstly find blogs of your same niche that gives you a link back to your site whenever you comment on their post. Check the Page Rank of that blog and if it’s higher than yours, then find a suitable post to comment. Read the post and comment your views on that specific topic. But remember, never ever try to spam any site. It affects your ranking negatively.

And remember, do not fake it. Most of the blog owners hate fake comments. Write only when you actually have something to say or ask about the topic.

4. Join Blogging Communities: There are many blogging communities out there that allows you to freely promote your fresh contents. The main mantra of these sites is – Mutual Promotion. You promote their stuffs, they will promote yours. In this era of self-help, it’s not kinda bad deal, what say??

Here’s a list of some popular blogging communities: Blog Engage (Premium), BizSugar (Free), IndiBlogger (Free), Klinkk (Free), InBound (Free) etc.

5. Don’t Forget the Title: When you promote your blog post anywhere, the title is the only part that a reader can see. So it’s pretty obvious that the title has a big job attracting the readers. It should always sound awesome.

6. Get Backlinks:

When you put a link of some other external website in your blog, that link is called a backlink to that website. The same occurs when someone else put your blog’s link on their site. And these backlinks are really important for higher ranking of your blog. Most of the major search engines like Google counts number of quality backlinks to determine the ranking of a website. The more backlinks you have, the higher you rank and hence the more traffic you get.

Links or better say, the backlinks are mainly of two types. One, the do follow backlinks and other, the no-follow backlinks. Do follow backlinks are what you need, because the search engines give importance to these type of backlinks only. Though it doesn’t mean that the no follow backlinks are useless. For instance, a no follow backlinks from some high PR, high authority site, say Wikipedia, will surely have some positive impact in your search ranking. So never miss an opportunity to build backlinks. But, again, as I said earlier, do not spam.

But how to build the backlinks? Here are some quick ways to build some quality backlinks in order to increase your blog traffic –

  • 1. Comment on blogs. Find high PR blogs that give you a link back to your blog when you comment on their posts.
  • 2. Guest posting. Guest posting is when you write for other blogs as a guest. And in return you’re given a do follow backlink to your blog. This process has two positive impacts. Firstly it will increase your rankings and secondly, some readers of that blog may be interested in the link you provided and click on it. Hence, this is a great way to drive additional traffic from other blog.
  • 3. Social Sites: Join several social sites and in the bio section leave your blog’s link. Some sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. has a pre-placed link field where you can put your site link.

7. Interlink Posts: 

Interlinking basically means creating a bridge or connection between all the posts. Suppose you are writing a post about, say, how to tune a guitar. Then in this article you can give a link to another post of your blog about, may be, how to play a guitar. In this way you're self-advertising your content. A reader who is interested in tuning a guitar must be attracted to how to play a guitar. So naturally your traffic is increased.

how to increase blog traffic interlink snap
Screenshot: Interlinks in a blog post

8. Make a list:

Okay this is a bit out of the box, but mark my words, it works. At first get out of your computer screen. Take out a notebook (a real notebook with white pages in it made of a material called paper). Grab a pen and start noting out stuffs. At first allocate few pages and write about your blog’s Alexa rank, backlinks count, domain authority etc. with date. After two days check your rankings and write it down again right below previous day’s data.

Make a timetable. Divide weekdays. If you plan to write post on Monday and do promotion etc. stuffs on Tuesday, make it a daily routine and further transform it into daily habit. Now on Monday do not do anything but writing. On Tuesday before starting out with computer, take out that old notebook again, look for a fresh page and write down your plans for today. For example,

1. I’ll be finding good blogs and comment on them.
2. I’m gonna socially promote my blog.
3. And do blah blah blah as well…

Otherwise you’ll be lost into the fifth dimension — after switching on the pc, you do everything else but what you actually intended to do. It occurs often, doesn’t it?

In a Nutshell: 

tips to increase blog traffic infographic
Infographic: 8 Tips to Increase Blog Traffic


It always takes time to build traffic. At first you’ll feel like leaving it. Things won’t work out the way you want it to be. But do not give up hope. Believe in yourself and keep blogging. Do not take any shortcuts, because when the talk is about success, there’s no shortcut to it.

Photo Credit:  Nokhoog_buchachon & Tiramisu Studio || Infographic © (you can use this infographic in your site, but you need to link back to us).
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