12 Killer Tips To Improve Google Places Rankings

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To rank in a better position of Google’s search result is only possible after the person or the entity works very hard on making it happen. Ranking in a local segment is much more important. A list of local rankings is made available across the World Wide Web. Whether it is the most famous search engine Google, or other search portals including Yahoo local or Bing BBP. These social media channels are highly relied upon by both youngsters and adults of the present times. Google Places is known for driving more global population traffic, when compared to the other local search channels.

It is the basic nature of us human beings to have what is served to us first. Almost everybody in this lazy generation selects the links that occupy the top part of the search portal page, to get information regarding a particular topic. Thus, although a specific page, website or blog ranks number one for a precise keyword, it may be positioned at the fifth or maybe sixth position in the Google Places results page.

12 killer tips to improve google places rankingsThe Internet-based Corporation, Google, presently possesses up to a whooping 65% of the total market share. Thus in turn upgrading the importance of the local listing of Google Places. The importance is then shifted to Bing and Yahoo, making them the second and third preference for search engine.

With an updated SERPs, Google had showcased a local listing along with the organic result earlier in October. This leads to an increase in the importance of local listings.

Therefore, at the moment it is tremendously important, that a person has his or her local listing cent percent optimized and regularly synced irrespective of their on page or off page website strategy.

In the everyday scenario, if you feel hungry and you want to know what are the restaurants around the place where you live, with the advancement in modern technology you are compelled to Google search for restaurants in the city where you reside. Google’s search portal, on the other hand, would track down your current location and start with restaurants in closest proximity to the one’s far away from where you are in the same city. Thus, a list of restaurants would display on your screen, with the first few being the nearest to you and the last few being far away from your present location.

Everybody wants to look good, everybody wants to be seen. So if you are a businessman and you want your prospective audience to notice you on the world’s best search engine, what will you do?

Enlisted below are a few effective tips that could help you improve your Google Places rankings:

1. The first and the most important thing that any business entity must do is provide their potential users with the up-to-date information regarding their business. This includes the appropriate contact details, the accurate address information, precise working and operating hours. It is also advisable to upload real pictures of the entity on the official Google Places account.

2. Choose the right business category. There are many examples online, where the business of the company is different from the category it falls under. This can not only be misleading for the potential customers but it will also keep you away from your competitors. You must know your competition, before you compete.

3. The right Business Title is the most important thing in terms of marketing. The title of your business must give a gist of what your business is all about.

4. If the title also consists of your location as a keyword, it may be very informative and attractive to people located in the same location.

5. It is very important that you use the real Geo-location and not the Geo-location that you would want to improve your rank for.

6. You must submit your correct business or website information to online local data providers. These providers will ensure that the information relating to your business is uploaded on the web to other channels. This will help you attain a goodwill at least online. Some of the local data providers include Acxiom, InfoUsa and Localeze.

7. To make your listing flawless lies solely in your own hands. The listing has to be not only claimed but also verified by the owner. Thus, the entire information about your business falls in your control.

8. In case of any special events, make sure that you update it on your Local Place page, thus promoting your business and the event.

9. Do not ignore Google reviews. Respond to them through your Google Places account.

10. Online reviews can either make it or break it. It doesn’t matter how many people have reviewed your business as such. What really matters, and what really you should be concerned about is the quality of the reviews your business has received. Find out those review sites that deal with business like yours and aim to target them, then you can slowly expand your business by getting more reviews from other websites.

Google has added a new function to the local listing through which it takes your business or website reviews and attaches them to the local listing, thus giving your listing a better appearance.

11. Social networking sites also have listings. These social listings attract public mainly the youngsters. Facebook Places, Foursquare are a few examples. Make sure that you claim your hyperlocal listings as well. This listing gives you enough credibility.

12.You can also participate in Google Boost for enough additional exposure.

Long back information was spread by word of mouth. However with Internet helping us to enhance and expand our business, only sky is the limit now. Following the above steps will surely help in keeping your business fairly exposed, but the fact that people talk about your services after having visited must not be ignored.

Never avoid reviews, or deny services. Never provide false information, just to get some extra attention. Be honest, and you might see an improvement in your Google Places ranking. If you are not experienced into digital marketing to make things done like above, hire well established digital marketing company to do things for you.

The guest post was written by Sai Krishna D, having 8+ Years of experience into Digital Marketing Space, expert in SEO, Social Media, Strategic Planning, ROI Measurement etc. 

To write for us, headover to this page and follow the steps provided.

5 Best Ways to Make Money Online

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In this article we’re gonna see five Best Ways to Make Money Online. So let’s get started.

Money! The basic thing that one needs to survive on earth, apart from air, water, love, food and music. I’m a bit unsure about the love, though (I broke up recently, you know). Anyway the fact is, everybody wants to make money. And since you’re here, tolerating a nonsense like me, I’m pretty sure that you wanna make some bucks as well.

It may sound crazy, but you’re at the right place. So besides wasting your time, I’m gonna show you the best ways to make money online, in real. It’s no fairytale of how some random legend made a billion dollars selling potatoes or juicy cucumbers, it’s just a stupid, simple guide to illuminate the legend inside you and create a tale that scratches a mark in the pages of history.

Okay, it was a bit much Shakespeare of me. Anyway in short, I’m gonna tell you how you can earn money with the help of Internet and some spare time.

There are two kinds of people in this world. The one who fights hard, works their bum off to make some cash. They are the real pride of our nations. On the other side, there are those people, like me, lazy as bear, burning calories on the computer – the so called losers. Well, chose you side, if you belong to the loser side, welcome home buddy.

There are bad times in everyone’s lives. Times, you don’t know what to do, how to feed your family, how to bring a smile to that little child, crying out of hunger. Life goes on, no one cares. There’s only one who can help you, it’s you. So keep belief in God, good time is about to come.

Enough emotional stuff, let’s now head over to the ways to make money online. Get ready to do some real brainstorming.

1. Make money blogging!

If you think you have a lot to say, a lot to split out of your head, go ahead make money with it. Yes, if you’ve got a good writing skill, and you can paint your imagination into words, there’s something awesome waiting for you. Today, thousands of people are making bucks just by writing in blogs. It’s really a great way to earn money online.

Let me clarify what a blog is. It is a website or sometimes a part of website that publishes updated information about some certain topic. For instance techabrel.com is a blog. People visit blogs in search of some helpful information. The author of a blog is called blogger and a blogger makes money by serving ads on those blogs.

So I think the basic is pretty clear to you. Now it’s time to stop thinking and kick off. This simple guide will help you to learn how stuffs work around: Getting Started with Blogging!

2. Earn bucks exploiting your creativity:

Got creative blood inside? Is it red? Then show it off buddy (talking about the creativity, not the blood). If you can design websites, write songs, create music, make videos, just go and show it to the world. It will not only give you fame, it’s good enough to make your pocket heavy.

If you’re good in HTML, PHP or CSS you should be designing websites. Web designing, nowadays is a good-paying freelancing job. For a head start, at first create some cool demo websites as portfolio and then do a little bit of marketing stuffs, promote yourself and see the magic. And later, who knows, you might be able to start your own business company as well.

Music mania, that they called waste of time, can take you to the top of this world, and all that with just a bit of ninja-crafting online.  Write a fabulous song or create some good piece of melody and put it online. This can grab you a handsome loads of bucks. Selling music is one of the best ways to make money online.

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So you think you can dance, eh? It doesn’t matter whether it’s dance or hitting drums or playing guitar, if it’s good, you can make bucks outta it. All you have to do is grab a camera (or borrow it form your nasty cousin), shoot a video of it and upload it in YouTube. You can earn money from YouTube just by partnering with Google AdSense. The more views you get, the more dollars you make. And as part of being your cameraman, give your cousin a buck or two.

3. Selling Stock Photos:

If you can snap breathtaking pictures, there are thousands of websites waiting out there to buy them. All you need to do is snap some brilliant photos with your camera or create a good piece of art on Photoshop and sell them on sites like ShutterStock, iStockPhoto etc. Many photographers are making heavy income from this stock photo selling websites.

4. Selling old goods:

Wanna get rid of your unwanted old stuffs? Instead of throwing them out, why not make some bucks off those craps? What seems useless to you, might be a gem for someone else. There are plenty of sites where you can sell your old computer, bike, car, smartphone or even your half-dead sofa. Just think, if you throw your sofa out, only the cats will get benefit from it. So selling it isn’t kinda bad deal, what say? 

Some places to sell your old goods are-

US: eBay / Craigslist / Car Daddy / Copious
Quickr / OLX
GumTree / WeBuyBooks

For more sites like those just hit Google or Bing. 

5. Online Surveys:

Another great way to earn money from home is by doing online surveys.  Surveys are basically a type of feedback poles. You’ll be asked some set of questions and you have to answer those (relax, no tough stuff). Soon after you complete the given survey you’ll be either paid in bucks or be rewarded giftcards, e-vouchers etc. Each survey can take up to 10-25 minutes to complete, so it’s not really a bad option to sell your spare time in exchange of hard cash.

Worth Reading: The best paid online survey websites

In a nutshell,

No matter whether you’re working online or offline, the only thing that can bring up success is hard work. Get your bum off and start -actually- doing something. You’ve got one life, one chance. To live it at its fullest, you’ll need money — harsh truth. Have yourself pumped up and get on the floor.

So we were talking about ways to make money online. I’d love to hear what you think about this topic. Think, we missed something? Just spell it out in comments.

How to create a .nomedia file?

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Earlier I posted a tutorial on how to hide any android files without any third-party software. There I hid folders and files just by adding a dot (.) in front of the folder or file name. That process, however doesn’t seem to work on all devices (especially on few kitkat handsets). Hence for those devices, I’m publishing an alternative procedure to hide folders or files from gallery.

The process is nothing but simply adding a .nomedia file in the folder where we're hiding the files. The contents (pics, vids etc.) of any folder that contains a .nomedia file will be hidden from the gallery. But what is that .nomedia file?

A .nomedia file is simply a file, which has an extension of nomedia. Just like .mp3 for an audio song. This is mainly used to hide system media files from gallery. But how to create such type of file?

So today in this tutorial I’m gonna show you how to create a .nomedia file to prevent certain pictures, videos or audios from coming into gallery and players. As far as my knowledge this procedure works for most of the KitKat, IS, Jellybean devices including Samsung, Micromax, Xiaomi, LG etc. popular handsets.

What you’ll need during the process is a useless file (and a working android smartphone, obiously). So let's get started.

How to create a .nomedia file in your phone or tab?

1. First of all, move all the files you wanna hide to a specific folder. Or if you want to hide an existing folder then move on to the next step.

2. Pick a useless file, any file. If you don’t have one, just open the camera and snap a photo of your nasty cousin. We’re gonna use it as a useless file. For the sake of this tutorial, let’s name it techabrel.jpg.

3. Now move that file (techabrel.jpg) to the folder, where you kept the to-be-hidden stuffs.

4. After that, rename that file. Erase the full name along with the extension, i.e. erase techabrel.jpg and type down .nomedia in place of that. Save it.

Okay, so you’re done. Go and check your galley, it’s completely hidden from there. If files are still visible there, reboot your device and recheck gallery.

Creating .nomedia file on PC:

You can also create this .nomedia file in your computer and then transfer it to your mobile via USB cable or Bluetooth. This is helpful, in case your phone doesn’t let you create a .nomedia file.

To make such a file on pc, just follow the easy step mentioned below.

  • Open any random folder. Right click on the blank area and create a new text file.
  • Name it anything, say Techabrel.txt. Now notice carefully whether you can see the file extension or not (.txt). If you can see it, its fine, you can skip this step. And if you can’t see it, then you need to switch it on. To do that, in Windows 8 go to View panel and tick on the File Name Extensions box. For other windows version you’ll find this option in Folder Options > View > Hide Extensions for Known File Types (un-tick it).
  • Now right click on the newly created file and click on rename. After that erase everything including the extension and type down techabrel.nomedia and then press enter. Then your computer will ask you whether you really want to change the extension or not, say yes.
  • After all the steps are done simply copy that file to your mobile via data cable. Alternatively you can also send this file to mobile by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
  • Then in your file manager locate the file and erase the techabrel by renaming it. And simply save it.

To unhide the files:

If you want to unhide the hidden files again so that you can see them on gallery, just delete the .nomedia file or rename it back to anything adding its previous extension.


In some devices, even after deleting the .nomedia file, the hidden files do not show up on gallery. In those cases, restart your device or rescan media library. And if rebooting doesn’t work, follow the steps below.
  • At first, create a new folder.
  •  Move all the files from the hidden folder to this new folder.
  • Delete the hidden folder.
  • That’s it, now rename it with the previous folder’s name.


I hope it helps. If you found this guide helpful or interesting, please do share it. Sharing is caring.
Facing problems?? Write it down in the comments, I’ll reply you within a few hours. Have a good time :)

WhatsApp is Now Available on PC!

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Finally, putting end to a long wait, the messaging-service giant WhatsApp Web has arrived on desktop.

Yes, recently this messenger has released its desktop client named WhatsApp Web. According to this Facebook owned messenger, this is nothing but an extension to its app, which syncs the phone's conversations to the desktop browser (copies it, to be more precise). This means from now on, you can chat with your close buddies on the computer as well.

WhatsApp is now available on pc web
Two developers, Brian Acton and Jan Koum built WhatsApp in 2009 which was lately acquired by Facebook (for a whopping $19 billion). Though it was created for smartphones only, whatsapp could also be accessed from computers via android emulators like Bluestacks. But now one can easily use whatsapp on his/her favorite laptop or desktop without installing any third party software. 

WhatsApp has said that due to limitations of iOS platform, this web client is currently available for Android, Windows, Blackberry and Nokia S60 devices only. Which means iPhone & iPad users have to wait until WhatsApp can work it out.

Besides this, another drawback of WhatsApp Web is that it syncs messages from your phone. This means your phone must stay connected to the internet all the time in order to transmit messages in the web client.

Here's how you can use WhatsApp Web on your computer

1. Update WhatsApp in your smartphone. Skip this step if you already have the latest version installed.

2. Now open Google Chrome in your computer. Download Chrome if you don’t have it.

3. Then go to this link: https://web.whatsapp.com/. Here you’ll see a QR Code (like the screenshot below).

whatsapp on web google chrome

4. After that open WhatsApp in your mobile. Press Menu and from the list click on WhatsApp Web.

whatsapp web is available on desktop

5. Soon you’ll see a QR Code scanner. Point your camera to that QR code on your browser and hold it up there for a few seconds.

whatsapp web scanning qr code

6. That’s it. Now all your conversations will come alive in your desktop web browser.

WhatsApp Web Screenshot

7. To enable notifications on desktop, click on menu (the vertical three doted thing). Then press notification. And switch on the notification alerts by ticking those specific boxes.

You can connect more than one computers with your account, which means your account can be accessed from multiple devices — at the same time. To do that, go to WhatsApp Web in your phone's WhatsApp app. Then click on the big plus sign at the upper right corner and follow the above mentioned steps again.

Further if you want to log out from your desktop, just click on WhatsApp Web in your mobile again. And tap Log out from all computers.

Though this is an admirable step by WhatsApp, what is its utility when you need your phone to be connected to internet always? It's fun and pretty cool, I know. But for those who doesn't own a smartphone, it's still a piece of junk. They'll rather use Bluestacks.

So what do you think about this web client? Is it helpful? Please comment down your reviews about WhatsApp. And don't forget to share it amongst your friends.

Cover image: WhatsApp Media Library

How to Write a Blog Post: The Ultimate Guide

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how to write a blog post cover

Now since that we’ve learnt what Blogging & Search Engine Optimization is, it’s time for you to write your first blog post. While writing a blog post, you can’t simply paste it from your brain, you’ve gotta work out a few more things. Even if you’re a pro blogger, a pure post can’t come out until you connect your brain with the heart. And no one can tell you how to do that literally. The only way to do that is keep writing and let the flow blow automatically.

When you’re crafting a post, keep in mind that you ain’t writing it for yourself, it’s the readers, who will read it. So you have to make sure that they remain connected throughout the post. Ask yourself, when do you hit the back button after landing on a webpage? Obviously when you don’t find it interesting or helpful enough. That’s the same thing your visitors do.

Suppose you’re having a dinner in some restaurant. There you’re never given a bunch of foods altogether. At first you’re served with a starter followed by something solid and lastly some cool deserts. There’s a certain format for everything. The same goes for a blog post. A blog post, or say an article must be structured in such a way that it psychologically please a visitor. A harsh truth of this world is, the aesthetic is the very first thing that one cares about.

So how to structure a blog post?

The basic anatomy of a blog post:

There’s no standard that says you must write articles in some certain format. But you can follow a simple reference style format that makes it easier for your visitors to read your article. Obviously, you can experiment styling your blog posts, but until you get to that pro-level, try to stick to the traditional blog anatomy.

No matter whether you're writing a post in wordpress or in blogger, just follow this simple formula step by step and you'll surely get better SEO results and less bounce rate.

A blog post should start off with a breathe-shaking introduction part. In the introduction section, give a brief idea about what you’re going to tell your readers. It should be long enough to clarify the ‘thing’, but short enough not to bore your audience.

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And then comes the body of the article. In this area you have to pull down the main content. Now, while writing the body part, be cautious to break it down in some paragraphs. A continuous long document is always unpleasant to a reader. Have you ever seen continuous texts while reading an interesting story book? No right? Same goes for your article. See this post, for instance. You’ll notice many para-breaks. This makes it easy to read for everybody.

In the body part, you can also make more than one points if you wish. It’s all up to you, play around it. But never forget to break it down.

After body section, there’s the conclusion part. In this part, you have to add some ending words. It’s like giving a finishing touch to an art. Here, you can ask your readers to share the post, comment on it or give their feedback.

The following diagram shows the format of a sample blog post. (click to enlarge).

how to write a blog post article format

How to write the title?

Title is a part, which is often ignored by most of the newbie bloggers. But the title plays a vital role in getting traffic to your blog. Not only because a well-fed title ranks higher on Search Engines, but it also helps attracting readers from Social Networking Sites, Feeds etc. A healthy title should contain the main keywords which the blog post is about. But never congest it with those keywords. This totally demagnetizes traffic, scientifically saying

While promoting your post, sometimes, title is the only way to convince people to come and see what you’ve just written. No matter how good or read-worthy your content is, it stays completely invisible to them. The only thing they can look at is the title, and if it sounds boring to them, they won’t click it. So you can never risk it putting some boring or tedious titles.

But how to write interesting, traffic grabbing titles?

Psychological studies have shown that titles which includes adjectives like Awesome, Extreme, Fantastic, Killer etc. attract more focus than normal headings. Just imagine, would you click on a link that says – “5 Android Smartphones Under $130” or would you go with “5 Killer Android Smartphones Under $130”? Obviously the second one seems more convincing, unless you’re suffering from awesomeness-blindomania disease. That’s a serious sickness, I’m saying. Read more articles from Techabrel, this may help you reloading the awesomeness.

Though, it’s true that putting those cool words on title will attract readers, but do not overuse it, it ruins the effect, brutally.

Using Images:

Some random legend has said that an image speaks a thousand words (tell it to Google, genius). Actually I always had a slight doubt on the quantity of the words that a picture can speak. I mean, seriously, thousand words is a hell lot. Anyway that’s none of our business. My point is, if you don’t use pictures in your posts, it will totally look dumb as text books. And your blog ain’t a boring school, eh?

There are some traditional way to implement images on your post. At first there should be a Cover image relevant to the article which describes what the post is all about (see, images speak). You can either put it on top of everything, as big as a poster. Or simply keep it small, aligned to right at the introduction part (look at this post, for example).

For the rest of the post, you can use any required pics at the content area. But try to keep all images’ size same, this looks more handsome, aesthetically. And never forget to SEO optimize those pics. Google doesn’t understand pictures, so if you don’t optimize the photos, those are as worthless as rocks. Sorry rocks :( 

Another matter which you should take a bit seriously is the image size. Heavy sized photos will increase the page load time (Google hates it, I hate it). To reduce image size without losing their quality, you need to compress them.

The Editing Part:

After writing your first draft, just copy it to Microsoft Word. We need to proof read it to check for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes (all errors will be underlined red or blue, right click on them and use any of the correct suggestions). After reviewing the whole post and rectifying all errors, read it again, this time act like you’re a common reader and reading someone else’s document. And then cut off all the craps that you feel needless. While reading out a phrase, if you feel that it shouldn’t be like this, change it. Add more stuff, if needed. Whatever you do, keep in mind that your mission is to make it more awesome than its previous version.

Final Tips:

  1. Split your blog post to three parts – Introduction, Body & Conclusion.
  2. Don’t make it too long to read or too short to be punished by Google.
  3. Keep it simple. Imagine that you’re writing it for your 10 years old cousin.
  4. Make sure that your post have the minimum amount of spelling or grammatical errs.
  5. You’re not a robot. So keep it light and add a little funny twist. Maintain a good conversational tone.

Wrapping it up:

So that’s how you write a post, proof read it and make it mind blasting. Now it’s time for some DIY. Go to the dashboard. Write a new blog post. Awesomify it. And then comment down the link to your newly written blog post. I’ll go through your article and tell you what’s wrong with it and how can you make it better.

Plus don’t forget to share it amongst your friends. It just takes few kilobytes to share it, don’t be a selfish, hit the share button, I’m serious.

Cover Image: Pixabay

5 Damn Awesome Android Launchers You Can't Miss!

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five damn awesome android launchers you cant miss

Bored of the usual UI of your android phone? Why don’t you redress your smart phone?

There are hundreds, if not thousands of android launchers available in the play store. A few of them are just freaking awesome. But the rest are just a waste of time and data. You can’t try all of them to see which suites you best, can you? So we’ve handpicked these 5 mind blowing android launchers. These launchers will change the way you look at your phone. All the apps are available for free in Google Play Store. Try’em out.

Caution: You’re about to fall in love with your phone, which will ultimately lead to addiction. So please proceed further on your own risk.

Presenting the most handsome, the most spectacular & obviously handpicked android launchers to turn your smartphone into something super-awesome.

1. Yahoo Aviate:

yahoo aviate launcher for android

Yahoo recently launched their very own launcher called Aviate. Just like its name, Yahoo Aviate is a cool and extraordinary launcher. It has a brilliant, yet easy user interface. While roaming around the launcher you’ll feel the flow of blow. In the launcher you’ll notice 4 sliding screens – a home screen, a screen with a few selected app put in a showcased manner, a setting screen, another screen in which all apps are arranged in alphabetic order (which slightly resembles Windows). When you plug in your headphone, it will automatically switch to the music screen, where it will automatically find and load tweets of the song artist along with loading a link to his/her YouTube channel. Besides, it has an inbuilt online wallpaper gallery, which impressed me pretty much. All in all, it’s a great, light and smooth launcher to use.

Download from Playstore.

2. Buzz Launcher: 

buzz android launcher

This launcher is one of the most customizable launcher in the market. You’ll never get bored with this launcher, mark my words. Thousands of totally different home screens, called Homepacks keep your favorite android phone forever young. The Homepacks will give you a 180° changeover in the looks, whenever you switch to a new Homepack. Those can be installed from an online store available within the app. In this launcher you can customize almost everything, starting from a widget to several gesture options. Besides, for the app shortcuts at home screen, you can choose among thousands of icons or easily use any other images from your gallery (which makes it more flexible). And if you have a designer soul inside you, reveal it creating a new homepack and then upload it on its store. So wrapping it up, it’s a super-customizable, ultra-smooth and hell-good launcher to try in.

Give it a spin.

3. Google Now: 

google now launcher

Google Now may not be as awesome at looks compared to the Buzz or Aviate, but with this launcher you’re getting the ultimate power of on-the-desk voice control. Though grandpa G’s this new launcher has a formal android dress-up, it will take you to a hands-free adventure of voice recognition, just like James Bond movies. Shout ‘Okay Google’ and your phone’s ready to note down your commands. For instance if you say Call Noah, and it will call her promptly. Say ‘take me to LA’, and it will show the map navigating you to LA. There are hell lot of other commands to make your day lazier. Hence, even if this launcher, having ordinary looks, sounds boring, it actually rocks.

Get it now from Playstore.

4. Themer: 

themer awesome android launcher

Themer is another great launcher and if you’re an admirer of aesthetics, you’ll surely fall in love with it. Basically it looks sort of similar to the Buzz. But unlike Buzz, Themer doesn’t have any user library for uploading your own theme. It has good amount of super-duper themes in its store, though. And the launcher’s customization options are pretty impressive as well. I found some negative issues, like the app crashed two times when I was roaming around it. But that because of my cruelty, I guess. Actually I already had 2 other launchers installed when I installed Themer. As a matter of fact, neither Aviate nor Buzz crashed under similar sort of anti-humanistic pressure. So I think this launcher needs a little bit more furnish to survive the race. Yet, you should give it a try, it’s worth it.

Try it.

5. Smart Launcher: 

smart launcher for android

The cutest launcher. Smart Launcher packs so many things within this teensy bit of size that sometimes you'd just keep gawking at it with a tantalizing thought that how did they do it? Unlike Buzz & Google Now, it has a different kind of app drawer, which makes it look cuter. In the app drawer all the apps are arranged in several categories (like Games, Social, and Photography etc.) vertically. App customization level isn’t bad. You can set custom gestures for easier navigation. It has several plugins, lock screens & themes inbuilt. Additional goodies are available in the market. And with just a bit of little more brainstorming, you can enjoy the Okay Google feature in this app. So all in all, it’s a smart launcher indeed.

Grab it now.

Rolling it up,

There are hell lot of android launchers in the Google Playstore, but these few cuties couldn’t help attracting my evil (not literally) eyes. So pick your favorite one, install it and get ready to set the phone on fire (again, not literally). Opinions may differ, if you think that the list needs more addition, shout your voice, and speak up in the comments. We do hear. Till then, keep rocking, literally.

How to turn your android phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot?

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how to turn your android phone into a wi-fi hotspot cover pic

There are times when you need a shared Internet connection. For instance, if your data plan is over or the net connection goes down, you must borrow Internet from someone (sometimes from your nasty cousin). Or suppose you’ve got some works to do in your computer, but there are no ways you can access the network from it. And moreover, if you want to steal your cousin’s Internet plan, nothing can help you better than the Wi Fi Hotspot. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to create a Wi-Fi zone with your android mobile without installing any third party app!

It’s really an easy process and you don’t need any ninja-craft to turn your favorite android smartphone into a super-duper Wi-Fi hotspot instantly. So grab your seatbelt, you’re about to evolve into a walking Wi Fi zone.

P.S. Users from US may face some difficulties in this procedure, as they might need a working tethering plan. So make sure you have a tethering plan running. Or else search for other Wi-Fi tethering apps in the Playstore which will help you skip the plan requirement.

So how to do it?

The process will merely take 2-3 minutes. Follow the simple steps below.

  1. First of all go to Settings.
  2. Now in the Wireless and Networking section click on More
  3. Next navigate to the option Tethering and portable hotspot. 
  4. There simply switch on the Wi-Fi hotspot (by sliding the switch).

how to turn your android phone into a wifi hotspot

That’s it. Now you can easily connect your computer or any other device to Internet. To do that just switch on the Wi-Fi on that device. Then it will automatically show down the list of Wi-Fi networks available (including your newly created Wi-Fi hotspot). Just connect to that and you're done. 

Customizing the Wi-Fi name:

If you want to give your Wi-Fi a custom name, at first tap on the Wi-Fi hotspot option (in the Tethering & portable hotspot section). Now press Set up Wi-Fi hotspot. And change the Network SSID to any name you want.

Setting up a password:

To set a password to your Wi-Fi hotspot follow the same path as you did while naming your Wi-Fi (i.e. Go to Tethering & portable hotspot > Wi-Fi hotspot > Set up Wi-Fi hotspot). Now below the Network SSID, you should notice a Security option. Found it? Great. By default it remains set to Open. Change it to WPA2 PSK. And soon after you do that, a password field should arise. Erase whatever’s written up there and type down any desired password you want.

Other Settings:

Under the Basic Settings section in Wi-Fi Hotspot, there’s an option named Keep Wi-Fi hotspot on. With this option, you can easily set a time after which the hotspot will shut down. The Bandwidth usage shows how much network is being exploited by the connected device. And you can also limit the data transfer speed by enabling the bandwidth throttling.


So thus we can use our android smartphone to create a Wi-Fi zone anyplace, anywhere. Go and try it out yourselves. In case you face any difficulties following the steps, just mention it in the comments section. I'll get back to you. And if you found the article helpful, please share it to your buddies (before they do). Cya.

Cover photo: Johan Larsson
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